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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February. What to buy and what not : that is the question !

What should you buy and what not in February.

February is the shortest month of the year, but you will surely find great deals. We offer you the best choices (price to value) you should spend your money on.

Real estate

Winter is a good season for home purchase. February is the you last chance if you want to take advantage of the "frozen" real estate demand. Bare in mind that warming of the weather activates the mass user.

Air conditioners and appliances.
The cleaning up of in stock units before the new models come out is usually as the weather warms up (traditionally Summer is the season in which air conditioners are mostly bought) leads to good offers.


In the beginning of February users have the last chance to take advantage of the discounts from most of the furniture shops before the new collections come out.


The 15 inch laptops with processor Core i5 Haswell are mid priced around $ 400 which basicly are Black Friday prices. This combined with the low value of the dollar makes it an ideal purchase for February.

Big screen TVs, monitors

The newly presented 3D displays during the Las Vegas convention in January led to serious discounts in the old 3D models. The old 55 inch 3D Tvs cost around $750 which makes it a good purchase.

Winter clothing and accessories
Although most big names have cleaned up their aisles you could still find great deals, especially in liquadation sales.

What not to buy.

Luxury, watches and accessories 

The wild chase for such gifts for February the 14th does not motivete the sellers to drop the prices.


The end of February is the time when the Barcelona convention will take place. New models will be shown, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be presented, which will surely lead to lowering the prices of the old ones.
February. What to buy and what not : that is the question !
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